The NEW ZipNVR range
with auto-detection and configuration of IP cameras.
Zip by name, ZIPPY by nature!

ZipNVR - Professional CCTV for businesses and homes.
Not available for retail - Installers please use our “Contact us” form.
Thank you, Zip Team (based in Derbyshire, UK)

Made in the UK

Superb software add-ons created here in the UK

The ZipVision Client Software supplied FREE with every ZipNVR / ZipDVR is easy to use and offers a comprehensive method of managing your CCTV system.

There are times though when you only need a simple function and don't want to give a full user license to a member of your family or workforce. For these occasions we've developed a number of stand-alone widgets that offer a simple feature without a full install.

Zip Finder

Zip Finders
  • Quickly find IP cameras on a network
  • Launch cameras in internet browser
  • Edit camera IP addresses and ports
  • Upgrade camera firmware

Zip Finder is a great tool for managing your IP cameras. It quickly finds and displays all of your Zip IP cameras on the network.

From here you can modify IP addresses, gateways and ports. Launch a browser window to view and control the camera using the Zip IE client. You can also upgrade the camera's firmware to ensure you're always up to date.

Zip Finder

VZip Player

V Zip
  • Easy to use interface
  • Play H.265 footage from an NVR / DVR on a PC or Mac

The VZip Player is a media player which is automatically added to the backup device whenever footage is backed up from the NVR / DVR. VZip Player can be installed on a PC or Mac allowing you to replay footage from the NVR / DVR. This is especially useful as most other media players don't support the new H.265 encoding like the VZip Player does.


ZIP HDD Calculator

HDDCalc logo
  • Zip Hard drive calculator

Designed to give you an approximate calculation of how much hard drive space you need depending on haow many cameras and what frame rate you will be using.

HHD calculator screen shot

Widespread CCTV compatibilty

The Zip CCTV range covers both HD & IP solutions. The Zip HD Analogue has superb 5 in 1 technology with HD-TVI, CVI, AHD and Analogue camera compatibility PLUS IP camera support too!

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Simple & Intuitive to Operate

Friendy Interface Designed in the UK.

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UK Managed DDNS

Won't phone home to China or even worse send your CCTV recordings!

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UK Support

UK based support when you need it not in the middle of the night.

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Superb Add Ons

Free widgets PLUS bolt-on hardware to add even more functionality!

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And more...

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