The NEW ZipNVR range
with auto-detection and configuration of IP cameras.
Zip by name, ZIPPY by nature!

ZipNVR - Professional CCTV for businesses and homes.
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ZipNVR - VoiceOFF Ready

The VoiceOFF is a programmable audio alarm unit which can trigger up to 9999 sounds!

  • Accepts up to 10 alarm inputs
  • Easy to connect to the ZipNVR
  • Voice & sound files stored on a removable SD card
  • Can be activated automatically
  • Can be used as a talkback amplifier with DVRs
  • Option to connect to PC or DVR
  • Stores & plays up to 9999 sounds

Pick a message or sound that fits your need

VoiceOFF Warnings

The VoiceOff is an alarm activated voice or sound warning unit that has 10 separate alarm inputs to trigger different sound recording files and with the new added feature of a seperate input that can trigger up to 9999 sounds!

Alarm activations can be triggered from an internal or external PIR sensor, break beam detectors, panic button, keyfob or from a DVR detecting video motion in a camera's footage. Voice warning messages can be downloaded or recorded yourself in a MP3 format onto a removable SD card stored in the VoiceOff unit and used to deter intruders or even welcome visitors. Similarly sound files such as a police siren or dog barking can be used to deter unwanted visitors in vulnerable areas.

When used in conjunction with the ZIPnvr range, the VoiceOff can be activated remotely over the internet when a suspicious sighting has been made.

VoiceOFF is a great tool to deter unwanted visitors in vulnerable areas that are prone to vandalism. PIR sensors can be used to trigger warning sounds.
Promote your business and play an automated message welcoming customers and even mention some special offers. A door contact can be used to trigger the voice recording.
PIR sensors can be used to trigger a warning sound or sirens when an intruder is detected.
The VoiceOFF can be used to provide information, especially in areas where health & safety is paramount. You can use a sensor near an entrance to a construction site to inform people of possible risks in that area.

Visit our VoiceOFF website to see our huge range of sounds and messages.


Widespread CCTV compatibilty

The Zip CCTV range covers both HD & IP solutions. The Zip HD Analogue has superb 5 in 1 technology with HD-TVI, CVI, AHD and Analogue camera compatibility PLUS IP camera support too!

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Simple & Intuitive to Operate

Friendly Interface Designed in the UK.

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UK Managed DDNS

Won't phone home to China or even worse send your CCTV recordings!

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UK Support

UK based support when you need it not in the middle of the night.

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Superb Add Ons

Free widgets PLUS bolt-on hardware to add even more functionality!

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And more...

Our designers are working hard to bring you more for your money.

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