The NEW ZipNVR range
with auto-detection and configuration of IP cameras.
Zip by name, ZIPPY by nature!

ZipNVR - Professional CCTV for businesses and homes.
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Thank you, Zip Team (based in Derbyshire, UK)

Kontrol & Kommand - what is it?

Kontrol & Kommand is a superb way of adding almost endless functionality to your CCTV system. Using the ZipVision Client Software it is easy to control 3rd party devices over the Internet for an extra "SMART" home or business.

The add-on Kontrol & Kommand module is low cost but can activate timed relays to carry out a range of tasks such as:

  • Opening gates, barriers, doors
  • Switching on/off lights, air con, heating even power to a building
  • Activating sirens, strobes, bell boxes.

What's more Kontrol & Kommand doessn't just create one standard relay, it produces 8 timed relays allowing devices to be switched off after a time of your choice. 31 of the modules can be used in tandem creating an astounding 248 timed relays in total.


Kontrol and Kommand
It really is ZIP by name Zippy by nature!


Widespread CCTV compatibilty

The Zip CCTV range covers both HD & IP solutions. The Zip HD Analogue has superb 5 in 1 technology with HD-TVI, CVI, AHD and Analogue camera compatibility PLUS IP camera support too!

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Simple & Intuitive to Operate

Friendly Interface Designed in the UK.

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UK Managed DDNS

Won't phone home to China or even worse send your CCTV recordings!

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UK Support

UK based support when you need it not in the middle of the night.

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Superb Add Ons

Free widgets PLUS bolt-on hardware to add even more functionality!

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And more...

Our designers are working hard to bring you more for your money.

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