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ZipNVR / ZipDVR - Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. What's the maxiumum size of hard drive (HD)?

With high definition 5MP cameras the HD storage space is very important and we have tested the ZipNVR / ZipDVR with the latest 10TB hard discs.

Q. Does the Zip system support 2-way talk?

The ZipNVRs / ZipDVRs support talkback so that you can talk and listen remotely from your phone or computer to your CCTV system. For talkback you need to have a microphone with the system and also a loudspeaker system like the “VoiceOff”.

Q. Does the ZipNVR / ZipDVR record when the camera is alarmed?

Setting the ZipNVR / ZipDVR to record by alarm inputs can be done at either the camera or the NVR / DVR.

Q. Could I also record Video Footage to my PC as a back up?

You certainly can. The ZipVision client software has a feature that on receiving an alarm signal from the NVR / DVR it will pop up a camera window and then record that camera from 1-10 minutes depending on settings.

Q. Does the Zip system have Video Motion Detection?

Yes it does, both the ZipNVR and ZipDVR have built in video motion detection and can automatically record on activation. The Zip IP cameras also have on board video motion detection which allows them to record on activation to an internal SD card (included in select models) without the use of a NVR.

Q. Does the Zip system have email alerts?

Yes it does and it’s very easy to set up. The ZipNVRs and ZipDVRs have what's called “Smart Email” set-up so it’s easy to set up and is compatible with free providers like Gmail.

Q. If the ZipNVR / ZipDVR is constantly being alarmed will I be bombarded with emails?

No, you can set the Zip’s email to only send email using a schedule that suits you, for example you may set it to send emails from 9-5 when you are at work and your house is empty. You can even set the Smart email function up to send emails say only once every 10 minutes, again preventing unwanted blasts of emails for bonafide triggers. Even though the email is scheduled the NVR / DVR still alarms and records on every event.

Q. What does the Zip system email when alarmed?

It’s a static image that can be sent to up to three individual recipients.

Q. If I want to see 8 or 16 live camera feeds remotely will it be heavy on the network?

No, a special “Zip” channel effectively combines all the individual cameras into one “multiscreen” so it uses the network resources equivalent to one feed. Smart huh!

Q. Are the images high quality?

Zip technology uses the latest high standard for better images and smaller file sizes.

Q. If I forget the ZipNVR / ZipDVR password, is it easy for me to recover it myself?

Yes it is. The ZipNVR and ZipDVR have an “email password” feature which will send your password to whatever email address you have entered in to it for recovery. Alternatively we can give you a temporary password if needed.

Q. Can the ZipNVR / ZipDVR automatically capture still images or is it just video?

You can capture both simultaneously. The still images can be used for timelapse photography or for security.

Q. Can you play back the still images remotely?

Yes you can select either still images or Video to playback in the ZipVision software.

Q. Does the ZipNVR / ZipDVR have built in help guides?

Yes it does, you can use them as reminders how to complete tasks without having to reach for the manual.

Q. On the NVR / DVR monitor screen is it easy to layout the camera locations to suit me?

Yes it’s very easy, all the cameras support drag and drop location positioning. Simply use the mouse to move them to a layout that suits you.

Q. Does the ZipNVR / ZipDVR support Covert cameras?

Yes it does, you can hide a camera from being seen by an operator if you want to. This is done with the system users individual permissions.

Q. Can I secure important footage, for example of a break in?

Yes you can. The Zip features a “File Lock” preventing the deletion or over writing of important footage. Clearly you should still back up footage as soon as possible.

Q. Is it easy to back up footage for the Police?

It’s very easy to save footage from the ZipNVR / ZipDVR and it’s done in just a few clicks. You can even save the footage in an AVI format if you prefer which means that it is “Police Ready” and can be played on most common devices without special player software.

Q. Is the software easy to use?

Yes it is, designed in the UK it’s got a clear and uncluttered interface that is intuitive to use. It has drag and drop tabs so that you can re-arrange the software on your computer to suit the style you work in. You can even duplicate the camera view tabs up to 4 times so that you can create multiple camera layouts perfect for commercial installations.

Q. Can you record cameras direct to the PC using the ZipVision software?

Yes, ZipVision allows you to schedule local recording on the PC based on individual NVRs, DVRs or cameras.

Q. Does the software show where the cameras are?

It does indeed, referred to as eMap. You can save a plan of the building into ZipVision then locate your cameras on to it. This is a really useful feature for commercial installations where different operators may not know where each camera is located. On motion detection or alarm the camera on the 'eMap' would flash.

Q. On my remote PC can a window pop up with that camera’s images when alarmed?

Yes the ZipVision supports alarm activation camera pop up. It can even automatically record the camera if you want at the PC as well as the NVR / DVR!

Q. Can the Zip system work on limited bandwidth networks?

Yes the Zip has “Tri-Stream” technology. You can set the NVR / DVR to record at 4K but you can also send lower resolution images to remote locations to prevent hogging the network.

Q. Does the Zip have any “Smart” features or “video analytics”?

It certainly does. The Zip cameras have smart functions such as “line crossing”, basic face detection and can even can be set up to monitor object removal which is useful to catch thieves. To use these features you need to use the Zip cameras and ZipNVR as the features are built in to the Zip IP cameras and they then trigger the ZipNVR to record, alarm etc.

Q. Does the ZipNVR / ZipDVR require special player software to play back recorded files?

No, you can save files as police evidence directly as an AVI file, alternatively you can save them as highly compressed high quality Qzip files that will need the bundled “Vzipplayer” software to playback these.

Q. What’s the Zip’s recording resolution?

Standard fot ZipNVRS is 4MP but all the ZipNVRs feature up to 4K recording on at least one channel and boast 4K output with stunning playback quality.

The ZipDVR Lites feature 1080N HD recording, the ZipDVR Supas feature up to 5MP recording and the ZipDVR Xtremes feature up to 4K ultra HD recording.

Q. Is setting up remote viewing on a phone easy?

Setting up remote viewing is a doddle. Simply scan the ZipNVR’s or ZipDVR's QR code by a smart phone and the phone connects to the Zip with no port forwarding required.


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