The NEW ZipNVR range
with auto-detection and configuration of IP cameras.
Zip by name, ZIPPY by nature!

Power over Ethernet

There are effectively 2 types of Network Video Recorders (NVRs) - PoE and non-PoE.

Some NVRs don’t have PoE built in as you may want to connect your Zip IP cameras to an existing “local area network” (LAN) rather than running your cables directly from a camera to NVR. If this is the case you can save a little money on the NVR buying one without PoE and then powering the cameras independently via local 12V PSUs or from PoE adapters. Sometimes you may connect some cameras directly to the NVR and some to the network, if this is the case you may still use a PoE enabled NVR but it will only be powering the cameras directly connected to it.

If you're not experienced in IP then choose a NVR with PoE & connect your cameras straight to it with our ready-made patch/network leads.

Powering The Cameras

If you have an NVR with built in PoE it will power the cameras if directly connected to it so you don’t need a PSU.

Connecting a PoE NVR to cameas


Widespread IP CCTV compatibilty

Using the latest ONVIF technology.

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Simple & Intuitive to Operate

Friendy Interface Designed in the UK.

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UK Managed DDNS

Won't phone home to China or even worse send your CCTV recordings!

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UK Support

UK based support when you need it not in the middle of the night.

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Superb Add Ons

Free widgets PLUS bolt-on hardware to add even more functionality!

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And more...

Our designers are working hard to bring you more for your money.

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